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Growing up I was what you call a “speed reader” and I loved to read…as a kid first starting school I recall getting Curious George books from the library every chance I got. As I got older I spent my summers seeing how many books I could read and making sure it was more than my prior record.

So when I had kids of my own I pictured us going to the public library every few days and picking out books together to read together at night…LOL…That was a fairy tale!!!

My oldest son, who is currently 9, has ADHD, ODD, and Dyslexia!!! Therefore he HATES reading…my 1 year old on the other hand LOVES books, especially the Bible, but doesn’t always leave the pages intact…and me, I have adult ADD and am late for everything!!! Including returning library books….

So with the possibility of late fines and damaged books we have not made many family trips to the library. Also if you know anything about ADD/ADHD, we get bored easily with the same thing, so buying books is out of the question too.

That’s where our new found love of the FarFaria App (available on Google Play Store and iTunes) comes into play at our house.

We can get on my smartphone or tablet and pick a book and read away…or the boys can have the app read the book to them if I’m busy blogging 🙂 or if it’s a book they want to read over, and over, and over, and over, etc. I don’t have to worry about late fees or ripped out pages.

Product Description:

FarFaria is an app for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, giving families and teachers unlimited access to over 800 illustrated children’s books, and 5 new books are added each week.

Created for children ages 2-9, FarFaria helps children develop a passion for reading and encourages families to spend quality time reading together. FarFaria’s engaging story-discovery experience encourages children to stumble into new stories they’ll love forever.

â—ŹUnlimited reading from our library of more than 800 stories.
â—ŹFive new, engaging stories added every week.
â—ŹInteractive experience is fun for kids and easy for parents
â—ŹEvery story can be read aloud with a Read-to-Me feature.
â—ŹReading-level badge on every story cover.
â—ŹOffline access to read Favorite stories
â—ŹSearch for books by genre, title or keyword
â—ŹFind books you already enjoy with Recently Read
●Book Club – connect with friends and family to get a list of reading recommendations from people you know
â—ŹNo advertising. No hidden fees.

One story per day is free, and unlimited-access pricing starts at $4.99/month.


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An "ADD" mom trying to maintain an "ADHD" household during the hardest times of my life...telling "lifeasiknowit2b"

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